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sriMy name is Srikumaran (“Sri’)  Melethil.  I am a pharmaceutical scientist, university educator and a patent attorney.  I created this multi-purpose website for 3 purposes, namely educational, informational and yes, a little commercial– i.e., to enhance my consulting business. I have been a long time pharmaceutical scientist; more recently I became a patent attorney; my online CV will tell more about me. From an educational point of view, I hope you will find my scientific and legal publications useful. Please look for new additions.

About the Blog

I am ho[ping to make this a meeting place for thinkers and inquisitive.  Through my blog, I hope to provide a forum to initiate a dialogue about America.  I have, as an educated and concerned citizen, but mostly as an American observer,  watched closely the “going-ons” in this country for more than 4 decades.   All these long ongoing wars.  I plan to initiate a discussion I you hope will find informative, thought provoking and humorous.  Hopefully,  such websites, like good books, will not only endure but prevail in keeping this a lively country.   I invite you to join me in this difficult assignment.

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