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I am a pharmaceutical scientist, university professor, a patent attorney and a math tutor to high school students; my CV will tell you more about me.

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I created this website/blog for two major reasons:  First, to share my thoughts on what is happening in the world, especially  America, through my blog and tweets; second, to discuss my work for those with an interest in the areas of  pharmaceutical sciences and patent law (see following  section);    Hopefully, you will find the contents posted here useful and interesting.   And, yes, if somebody can use my “skill sets” as Liam Neeson of the “Taken” movies’ fame might say, that will be wonderful too!  By the way, I can’t wait for his next  “Taken-based” movie!  Really.


On a personal note, I am an immigrant from India, and have now lived in the United States for about 50 years.  So, my blog posts and tweets represent a different perspective on what is happening in America.   My presentations (available soon) will focus on educating  present and future pharmaceutical scientists about patent law and pharmacokinetics.   As for the former subject,  scientists should find the study of  patents –  an area where “science meets law” – intellectually  challenging and interesting; such knowledge can also be professionally rewarding.

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