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My name is Srikumaran Melethil (friends call me “Sri”).  I am a pharmaceutical scientist, university professor and a patent attorney.  I have also tutored 4th-11th graders in math.  My CV will tell you more about me.  I created this website mostly for educational and informational purposes (please visit the publication section).   Hopefully, you will find these writings useful.  And, yes, if somebody can use my “skill sets”, as Liam Neeson of the “Taken” movies’ fame might say, that will be wonderful too!  I can’t wait for his next movie!  Really.

About the Blog

I have been an American observer since 1968.  My goal is to make my blog a meeting place for thinkers and the inquisitive, a place where there will be an on-going and lively dialogue about the past, present and future of America.   So, please join me. Won’t you?


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