Health Care Reform

Einstein wrote ” Keep it simple, not simpler”.  Keeping that in mind,  President Obama should promise us:

1.  Reform will reduce health care costs.

2.  Reform will not adversely affect existing  health care  for  people with insurance.

3. Reform will really “save” the country.

4.  He will not seek re-election if these promises are not fulfilled (I am  a supporter)

Chutzpah – Goldman Sachs

Making money of others’ mistakes is fine. But making money on your own mistakes – now that is chutzpah (should be capitalized, I think).

Why we neeed to improve sex education in high schools

News Story (a few days ago)

Suspecting  physical abuse, girl and friends  beat up her mother’s boy friend.  In fact, sounds  emanating from the bed room were of the lovemaking kind.