Good job, General . . .

McChrystal Is Summoned to Washington Over Remarks

Finally, even the military is beginning to see the light. Please General, tell what does “progress” or “victory” or “any of the other word(s) you use” in Afghanistan mean(s) to us ordinary folks. Thanks, in anticipation.

Call me Chevrolet

Well, GM (or should I say General Motors) employees will, from now on, be fined a quarter and heaped with other humiliations every time they call the car they make Chevy! (NPR, today) . Well, what are they teaching in MBA schools these days: Get prestige – us big words? How about prestige without bailouts?

Obama and the BP Oil Spill

I read that President Obama wants to “kick ass”. BP? Sure, but a corporation’s sole purpose is to make money for their stockholders. Perhaps he should look to his own Dept. of the Interior; maybe the Secretary? What were they doing during the last 15 months?