Those poor rich kids – please don’t TAKE away their IVYies

Elite Colleges, or Colleges for the Elite?

And still, the Dems are running scared….

House Passes 9/11 Health Care Bill

This is wonderful. Finally, the brave people who the rushed to help those in need, without regard to their own safety, will get some help, when the Senate approves the same idea. People: Write your Senator to make it happen.

“Opposing the measure were 157 Republicans and three Democrats” Who are these people? Do they deserve to be reelected?

Education and Obama

Stop torturing our children with more schooling
For educational reform to succeed, we need the rigor of the discipline that standardized tests brings to the class room, but let us also give them- our kids- a chance to dream and be creative.

I know something about education having been been professor at several universities for more than 3 decades. Let us first look at it from a common sense perspective: What cannot be achieved in 9 months will not be magically achieved in 10 months.
Educational reform will work only when these 3 key things are in place: a good curriculum, good teachers and good support at home. The reform does not address this last issue, which President Obama correctly points out is important. My suggestion is that schools provide after hours “tutoring” to students whose home environments are not conducive to learning.

And please, do not make standardized test scores the holy grail of educational reform. These tests scores comprise only one aspect of learning. It does not measure creativity. Indian K-12 education, which I know from personal experience, is evaluated solely on standard test scores. There is little creativity.

Subliminal messaging?

Cholesterol and ED

Note the stationary ad for ED promotion while this attractive young female doc talks about cholesterol and HD. Is this an infomercial on cholesterol and heart disease (HD), or an attempt to sell ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs to men with HD? You be the judge. Comments?

Fighting again for the same Afghan real estate

Be skeptical of the crocodile tears the ruling elite shed over our soldiers.

Didn’t we fight for Kandahar about 8 years ago? Useless spilling of American blood. “So far this year, 354 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan, more than the 317 who died in all of 2009”.These statistics should enrage all Americans.
Write your Congress to bring our “boys and girls” back with out any delay.

Health Care Reform: Overall Grade B

Health Care Reform Analysis

This article is by Jacob S. Hacker (a professor of political science at Yale) and Carl DeTorres (a graphic designer). It is worth your time (a few minutes, at most) to read it, and see if you want to fight the Republicans’ plan to “mess” with this Reform. Don’t let their latest ploy- Pledge to America -fool you. I plan to post other opinions, especially opposing views about this new law. As the famous journalist Walt Lippman wrote: “The truth emerges only from a collection of opinions”.

Beware of the Ides of November….

G.O.P. Cites Tax Cuts and Health Care as Main Focus

NOTE: The rich can bypass this posting without injury

I am not a “blind” supporter of any political party. Don’t listen to either major party. Frankly, I wish we had more options when it came to political parties. Just imagine- a country with just Coke or Pepsi, when it comes to soft drinks.

Vote selfish in November – what is economically good for me and my children. That means, you will have to spend about 15 minutes a day reading/listening to the news. Only an informed electorate can save America from the Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partyers. . .

The new health care law,with all its flaws and uncertainties, is likely the best damn thing that has happened to this country. No more insurance company denials of payment for: “”pre-existing conditions” “lying, when you did not tell me you had cat-scratch fever when you were 3”

What has the Republicans offered except obstructionism? If I have missed something, please let me know.

Blind Reporting of Ivory Tower/Political Bable

Recession May Be Over, but Joblessness Remains

I heard yesterday this loud shout of joy from the unemployment lines across, as Archie Bunker would say, the US of A. Wasn’t sure what the joy was all about, till I read the NY Times headline. Yeah, sure the recession was over in June 2009. It is like being dead and being unaware of it.
As the old joke goes: It is a recession when my neighbor losses her job, but it is a depression when I lose mine. I am still wondering what obfuscation of truth stopped the powers that be from calling the current state of economic affairs a depression.

And the timing: Is there an election around the corner?

Do you love your children?

The national debt is about $13.5 T (trillion). This means each one of us (man, woman and child) should add about $45 K (thousand) to our other debts.

Enjoy your wars and shopping.

Fervently, I hope this poll is wrong…

The Mood of Voters: Men Are Fuming, Women Despairing

“. . . women . . . , the poll suggests . . may stay home this year. . . giving more of the decision-making to men by default. . . “:

Two thoughts came to mind as I read this: (1) For all these years, I thought women wanted to get out of the house. (2) Referring to people who would not exercise their authority, my mother’s favourite saying was: If you do not sit in your chair, a dog will. Got that ladies, about giving default authority to men.
Just think of pocket-book (“economy” for the educated types) issues. You may conclude that the Democratic party might be better. What sayeth, all you’all?
By way of full disclosure, I am a rationalist -for now it means a liberal independent with Democratic party leanings.