Democrats’ worst nightmare: wishy-washy Obama

Obama Message in Flux as Election Day Nears

When we enthusiastically voted in Mr. Obama as President, we expected the same clarity of massage and honesty in his office actions. There is some evidence that his White House may have suppressed the truth of the magnitude of the BP oil spill during the early days. Report Slams Administration for Underestimating Gulf Spill

Ah, what we desperately need now…

Microsoft Unveils New Windows Phones

Just wondering: Any of these phones made here in the US?

What is a rare literary talent worth here in these United States?

$35,000/year- one time only

“Mr. Merwin, [who was appointed poet laureate of the United States in June 2010] has won just about every major award an American poet can . . . ”
What does this say about us, as a society, where a top hedge fund manager, who earns a $ 1 billion a year (a conservative estimate), is worth 28571.4 times more than our poet laureate.

Who gets the credit?

Exclusive: Treasury’s TARP, AIG Bailout Costs Fall to $30 Billion

From about $700 billion to $30 billion. I would be dancing in the streets, but I am skeptical. Is this funny Washington, DC math, again? One thing is sure – our government experts do not understand national economics. But then, did they ever?

Once again, backing the wrong horse

Karzai’s Kin Use Ties to Gain Power in Afghanistan

As in Vietnam, we are backing a corrupt leader. I do not believe any of this is going to protect us from Al Quida, Taliban. . . .. If this Afghanistan adventure isn’t so tragic, I would say this is funny.

Music to my years…

Third Party Rising

Everyone aimed at security: no one accepted responsibility”.

It is time we had a choice other than Democrats and Republicans. I like to see at least 2 more national parties.
Political inbreeding has made it difficult to distinguish the 2 parties. How many situations do you know where there are only 2 choices? OK, I grant you, there are only 2 sexes- but, that is nature, but not nurture. Comments?

Easy math– Yes, if you also believe in free lunch, free money, . . .

Making Math Lessons as Easy as 1, Pause, 2, Pause …

The reporter failed to inform the reader what this SingaporeMath is all about, except that they go slow, focusing on one number at a time. The study of math is all about understanding the concepts; mostly math is taught in a “mechanical” way: Teaching a kid to get the correct answer, as in standardized tests. It is akin to a Pavlovian response- you fling the “frisbee”, and the dog “catches” it, without fail each time. I wonder if the dog understands what is involved. As a grad student, I took advanced differential equations more than 30 years ago. I felt like that dog: I aced my tests, but often did not understand or relate to the steps I took to get to the so called “correct” answer.