An omen for the war in the Afghan land

Post-Holbrooke Question: ‘What Now?’
As I have been saying for a long time, let us get the hell out of there, now! Wonder if “honest” BO is telling us what the war is really costing us and what we can really hope to accomplish there.

Amusing: Teaching problem-solving, that easy, eh?

Tracing the Spark of Creative Problem-Solving

“In a just completed study, researchers at Northwestern University found that people were more likely to solve word puzzles with sudden insight when they were amused, having just seen a short comedy routine.” (emphasis added) Hurray for Comedy Central!

Finally, you are not alone, Galileo

Doors’ Morrison pardoned in indecent exposure case

Obscenity is time-dependent, like heliocentricity was in Galileo’s time.