Beware of the Ides of November….

G.O.P. Cites Tax Cuts and Health Care as Main Focus

NOTE: The rich can bypass this posting without injury

I am not a “blind” supporter of any political party. Don’t listen to either major party. Frankly, I wish we had more options when it came to political parties. Just imagine- a country with just Coke or Pepsi, when it comes to soft drinks.

Vote selfish in November – what is economically good for me and my children. That means, you will have to spend about 15 minutes a day reading/listening to the news. Only an informed electorate can save America from the Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partyers. . .

The new health care law,with all its flaws and uncertainties, is likely the best damn thing that has happened to this country. No more insurance company denials of payment for: “”pre-existing conditions” “lying, when you did not tell me you had cat-scratch fever when you were 3”

What has the Republicans offered except obstructionism? If I have missed something, please let me know.

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  1. Alienate my readers? Heck, no. At the same time, I do not plan to be politically correct. I do not believe I have a monopoly on the truth; but I do have my opinion on that subject. Can you be more specific about my “generalising”? I welcome comments from you and others.

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