Won’t you coddle me too, my darling Congress?

Thanks, Mr Buffet.

Let me first define “We”. It means one or all of the three: the middle class, the electorate that matters, the suckers. Political pundits tell us we vote our pocket books. How long will we have a pocket of our own? Read on…

Stop Coddling the Super Rich”

Wall street and main street will have parity, when the pig of CAPITALISM learns to fly!

What’s Good for G.M. Is Good For Homeowners

Candidate Obama spoke of this parity on the election trail. But, as President, his so called ‘wunderkinds’, Summers and Gaithner, did not deliver. I have advocated “throw the bums out” for a long time. Unfortunately, this time at the midterm elections, the electorate threw out part of the baby along with the proverbial bath water when they gave the House to the Republicans. Does not matter; I rejoice that finally the voters are beginning to “throw” out things. With practice, they will learn to keep the babies. In the mean time, babies will have a rough time. Sorry, babes!

A look back to days of the American Revolution

We are still at war in/with 2 countries, though the Obama administration says that the war in Iraq is over. Our stated goal is to change/capture the “hearts and minds “ of the peoples there. If that is not war, I do not what is.
To put things in perspective about the elitist ruling class, the following quote from Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” (page 79, paper back edition) is quite illuminative:“ Ruling elites seem to have learned through the generations – consciously or not – that war makes them more secure against internal trouble.”

FDA to fight misleading drug ads: Good luck!!

FDA is taking a tougher stance on misleading drug

On second thoughts, why not just ban these ads, as in the past. I challenge anybody: Show me a TV drug ad that is not misleading.

Plavix ads (cont’d): Take me or die

Yesterday, I saw a TV ad (a repeat, I think) for Plavix – the drug that is supposed to keep you from getting that “big” one , as Sanford (Sanford and Son vintage) might say. Here the doctor (dresses like one anyway) writes PLAVIX (all caps) on a prescription pad. Made me wonder: Which accredited medical school did he graduate from?. In another (or the same) ad, a gurnney keeps following the guy in the ad. Now that is funny – a “heart attack” watch gurney.

A mere $50 billion for jobs, when about 20 million of us are jobless

Obama Offers a Transit Plan to Create Jobs

I did a simple calculation: $50 Billion/20 Million American $2500.00/American. WoW! And that is before “leakage” for red tape and fraud. Mr President, why so little? We are wasting more than $50 billion a month in Iraq and Afghanistan, aren’t we?