Scientists learn why alcohol can be good for you
But what counts as a “healthy” dose of alcohol? According to The Mayo Clinic:
Drinks (#) Daily max Weekly Max
Women/Men 65+) 3 7
Men (< 65) 4 14 A 12-ounce beer, 5-ounce glass of wine or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits counts as one drink

Docs don’t study much about drugs either when in med school

Teaching Doctors About Nutrition and Diet

Physicians are almost always consulted by the media about drug related issues. It is well known among “pharmacy” circles that the medical curriculum has been de-emphasizing subjects such as pharmacology and therapeutics – topics that deal with the safe and effective use of drugs -over the last several last decades. Imagine – they are the ones that get to write the prescriptions!

Plavix ads (cont’d): Take me or die

Yesterday, I saw a TV ad (a repeat, I think) for Plavix – the drug that is supposed to keep you from getting that “big” one , as Sanford (Sanford and Son vintage) might say. Here the doctor (dresses like one anyway) writes PLAVIX (all caps) on a prescription pad. Made me wonder: Which accredited medical school did he graduate from?. In another (or the same) ad, a gurnney keeps following the guy in the ad. Now that is funny – a “heart attack” watch gurney.

Health Care Reform Law: Ah, the surprises begin (#1)…..

AT&T to Take $1 Billion Charge for Health Care

Consequences of the new health care reform: Are we to lose some our current health benefits?