Can intellectual pusillanimous wussies be spirited?

Lying in bed several Sunday mornings ago,  I browsed NY Times review of  three religious books (or, should it be “books on religion”, to be more politically correct*).   One of them titled AGNOSTIC: A Spirited Manifesto caught the attention of my drowsy mind: spirited agnostics?

I know this contribution of mine does not match the gravitas of René Descartes who, also lying in bed, developed the Cartesian coordinate system after observing the movements of a housefly.

* Please await my soon forthcoming post on the phrase “people of color“.  Thanks for your patience.

The GOP . . .

is in trouble.  So, what else is new.   There is an old song that goes well with  title of the NY Times article.  In this case, the threesome are the people and the nominee – who in love with himself, counts for two.

Clowning with a cartoonist

I had the pleasure of meeting of Kevin Kallauger at the 2013 Baltimore Book Festival.  He was then a political cartoonist for The Economist; previously he had worked for the Baltimore Sun.

WOW! Some headdress

Mr. Narendra Modi is likely to be the next Prime Minister of India; elections are going on in India now and polls have him (his party) ahead.

Won’t you coddle me too, my darling Congress?

Thanks, Mr Buffet.

Let me first define “We”. It means one or all of the three: the middle class, the electorate that matters, the suckers. Political pundits tell us we vote our pocket books. How long will we have a pocket of our own? Read on…

Stop Coddling the Super Rich”

Even dumb kids from caveman days must have known this!

To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test

What is happening to Super Heroes in America?

‘Spider-Man’ Won’t Open Until March 15
“’Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’ has delayed its opening for the fifth time . . . (emphasis added)”. Is the curse the use of double negatives- Turn Off the Dark? A philosophical question: Does light automatically follow when darkness is turned off? Isn’t there here something between dark and light?

Finally, you are not alone, Galileo

Doors’ Morrison pardoned in indecent exposure case

Obscenity is time-dependent, like heliocentricity was in Galileo’s time.