Won’t you coddle me too, my darling Congress?

Thanks, Mr Buffet.

Let me first define “We”. It means one or all of the three: the middle class, the electorate that matters, the suckers. Political pundits tell us we vote our pocket books. How long will we have a pocket of our own? Read on…

Stop Coddling the Super Rich”

Bureaucratic efficiency: Make each federal department MORTAL!

Obama Calls for Bipartisan Effort to Fight for U.S. Jobs
In his last State of the Union address, Mr. Obama emphasized the need for federal bureaucratic efficiency to improve American competitiveness. Bureaucratic efficiency is a repeat of his recent (January 18, 2011) editorial in the Wall Street Journal; his telling example of saccharin is classic inter-bureaucratic idiocy- one agency, FDA says it is OK to put it in your coffee, but another agency, the EPA, says it is hazardous. The White House can learn something from health care progressives: Provide desired outcomes, and base agency survival and funding priorities based on achieving these outcomes. Such efficiency can be fostered if the top 5 (may be 10, at best) goals of each federal agency (department) are listed on the opening page of each agency website, along with the corresponding agency budget. It will be very educational for us suckers (oops, taxpayers) to know whether our money is making a difference or not. For instance, the Department of Energy was established in 1973 primarily to decrease our dependency on foreign oil. However, while we imported about 28% of our oil needs in 1972, it is 55% today and expected to grow to 70% in another 25 years; in addition, by 2025, we will be importing 50% of our oil needs from the Middle East.”US Foreign Oil Dependency on Increase, say Experts. People (all of us, yes?) concerned with national security should take serious note of this growing dependency on foreign oil. Incidentally, out-come based analysis should give Department “haters” legitimate reasons to close them down. Yes, each Department must be mortal: Lesser the effectiveness, shorter the half-life.

Even dumb kids from caveman days must have known this!

To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test

Wall street and main street will have parity, when the pig of CAPITALISM learns to fly!

What’s Good for G.M. Is Good For Homeowners

Candidate Obama spoke of this parity on the election trail. But, as President, his so called ‘wunderkinds’, Summers and Gaithner, did not deliver. I have advocated “throw the bums out” for a long time. Unfortunately, this time at the midterm elections, the electorate threw out part of the baby along with the proverbial bath water when they gave the House to the Republicans. Does not matter; I rejoice that finally the voters are beginning to “throw” out things. With practice, they will learn to keep the babies. In the mean time, babies will have a rough time. Sorry, babes!

An omen for the war in the Afghan land

Post-Holbrooke Question: ‘What Now?’
As I have been saying for a long time, let us get the hell out of there, now! Wonder if “honest” BO is telling us what the war is really costing us and what we can really hope to accomplish there.

A time to be prudent

Britain Plans Deepest Cuts to Spending in 60 Years

We can begin by cutting waste, now that we have a new Congress whose new mmbers camapined on deficeit Here is a good place to cut: Bring home 100,000 soldiers (mostly US) who are chasing 100 Al Queida in Afghanistan. Lots of wasteful $$$$$$$$$$ here waiting to be cut.

Official Denial, Public Silence

In 2010 Campaign, War Is Rarely Mentioned

Yeah, why should those who send us to war want to talk to us about their follies: large number of unnecessary deaths + economic ruin war brings us. I am saddened: Why are the people of the land of the free and the brave so silent about silly wars we get into?

America on the delcine

It is good to see that well known authors, two of my favourites, publicly agree and disagree on a given issue of national importance. Both agree that America’s fortunes are on a downward spiral, but disagree how past history of national declines may be helpful. While Friedman argues that the decline of the Roman empire is a teachable “moment” lesson for us, Third Party Rising, Krugman Conscience of a Liberal, states that Rome is not the applicable model. From a common sense point of view, I agree with Krugman. Ancient Rome is not Current America, and vice versa. Roman decline is only partially beneficial to us in understaning our curent dilemma. An independent analysis of the causes of our “woes” appears essential to reverse this decline, if that is possible.

I disagree with this statement by Friedman:”Suboptimum [performance of the Washington ruling elite] is OK for oridnary times, but these are not ordinary times.” What is “ordinary” is pure personal conjetcure.
The owner of a professional team will instantly fire its coach for suboptimum performance, whether the times are ordinary or not. Should the owners of this country (us, the people, if you are wondering) accept less than top performnce of our Washington reps, or for that matter, any elected rep?
To those who believe that this country is owned by corporations, the lobbyists, foreign gypysies, . . . ” I ask: Who let it happen? Yes, I thought so too!

In America anything is possible and other such elitist myths

Wealth Matters:
Scrutinizing the Elite, Whether They Like It or Not

About 2 decades ago (reported in Science, I think), MIT wanted to improve their curriculum because it felt that its graduates were not finding their rightful places in society. It was funny, because the real lament was that too many MIT grads ended up working for Harvard grads. I wondered then, as I do now: This ain’t a curricular matter. Doesn’t the real solution lie in MIT recruiting from the top 1% elite as opposed to the run of the mill top 10%?

Here is a myth, perpetuated by the rich:
“If we lose this truly American thing — that you can become anything if you just work at it — then you’re really going to lose what makes America America. . . ”. Yeah, right: mailroom to boardroom in a week. Or even better, English-language impaired Yale student elected President of the United States – solely by the sweat of his brow. Party on, America.