Plavix ads (cont’d): Take me or die

Yesterday, I saw a TV ad (a repeat, I think) for Plavix – the drug that is supposed to keep you from getting that “big” one , as Sanford (Sanford and Son vintage) might say. Here the doctor (dresses like one anyway) writes PLAVIX (all caps) on a prescription pad. Made me wonder: Which accredited medical school did he graduate from?. In another (or the same) ad, a gurnney keeps following the guy in the ad. Now that is funny – a “heart attack” watch gurney.

Stem Cell Research: Clash of Science and Religion (again)

Judge Keeps Ban on Stem Cell Funds

I just can’t believe that in the 21st century we are talking as we are living in the 1500’s. Remember Gallileo.
Embryos are destroyed routinely in in-vitro fetilization clinics. Just imagine: Thanks to laws enacted by religious zealots, judges are jumping into the frey.

A mere $50 billion for jobs, when about 20 million of us are jobless

Obama Offers a Transit Plan to Create Jobs

I did a simple calculation: $50 Billion/20 Million American $2500.00/American. WoW! And that is before “leakage” for red tape and fraud. Mr President, why so little? We are wasting more than $50 billion a month in Iraq and Afghanistan, aren’t we?

Middle class: Run, but where to?

How Many Workers Can You Hire for the Price of One CEO?

Here is one number: 1461

CVS Caremark (CVS)
Thomas M. Ryan: $30.4 million (2009 Compensation)
Starting Cashier: $8/hour, $20,800/year
One CEO = 1,461 entry-level employees

Finally, will greed kill capitalism? One can not blame corporations- their sole purpose is to make money for their stockholders. Greed is in their DNA. It is like teaching is stranded in educators or play is in professional athletes. This is not bad, in fact it is good, because we need profit-making corporations for jobs and the like. We need “something” to require sharing of wealth. Socialism, you scream? Well, if the President of the United States can fire the CEO of GM, aren’t we already there?

Call me Chevrolet

Well, GM (or should I say General Motors) employees will, from now on, be fined a quarter and heaped with other humiliations every time they call the car they make Chevy! (NPR, today) . Well, what are they teaching in MBA schools these days: Get prestige – us big words? How about prestige without bailouts?

Obama and the BP Oil Spill

I read that President Obama wants to “kick ass”. BP? Sure, but a corporation’s sole purpose is to make money for their stockholders. Perhaps he should look to his own Dept. of the Interior; maybe the Secretary? What were they doing during the last 15 months?