Health Care Reform

Einstein wrote ” Keep it simple, not simpler”.  Keeping that in mind,  President Obama should promise us:

1.  Reform will reduce health care costs.

2.  Reform will not adversely affect existing  health care  for  people with insurance.

3. Reform will really “save” the country.

4.  He will not seek re-election if these promises are not fulfilled (I am  a supporter)

Chutzpah – Goldman Sachs

Making money of others’ mistakes is fine. But making money on your own mistakes – now that is chutzpah (should be capitalized, I think).

Why we neeed to improve sex education in high schools

News Story (a few days ago)

Suspecting  physical abuse, girl and friends  beat up her mother’s boy friend.  In fact, sounds  emanating from the bed room were of the lovemaking kind.

Hello world!

Entry for June 19, 2009
I applaud President Obama’s desire to make the federal government transparent for the public. I wonder if he would have the following listed for each of the cabinet departments (HHS, Defense, etc):

1. What are the top 5 goals of each department?

2. How successful has each department been in achieving these top 5 goals?

How much does each department cost the tax payer annually?

Note: Each answer should be less than 200 words (so everyone will read).

Well, such information might help the President cut federal “dead wood”
I understand that the Energy department was created in 1973 (?) with the primary goal to make us less dependent on foreign oil. We all know how well we are doing on that front, don’t we?

AIG, Geithner and America’s future

During the past several days,  President  Obama’s money men, Geithner, and Summers,  were  telling everybody and anybody  who would listen that  fear of breaking contracts was the reason  AIG  bonuses were allowed in the first place – possible double or triple damages upon litigation  seem to scare these  smart boys.   Now, that is wimpy, I say.  Apparently, they are not lawyers; they should have talked to some tough lawyers, who know how to break contracts for cause.  I am available, but patents are my bag.

I think the real reason for allowing AIG bonuses is that the “Obama” people involved in this matter are negotiating out of fear – fear that the economy will collapse if the brilliant minds, like those at AIG who collectively precipitated this crisis, are not retained.    For what, I ponder.  Even more carnage?

Yes, bonuses to poor performers are unacceptable.  But, the amount involved (about $180 million) is less than 0.1 % of the total bail out money to AIG (about $180 billion).   Nobody from the President’s side was willing to talk about it, as the Congress and the people wanted “heads” to roll, some literally.    As a supporter, I am surprised that even the President, who wisely told us that one should not rule in anger, joined in the yelling.

So, now that they have given some of that bonus money back, are we to sleep well at night knowing that they can still  mismanage 99.99 % of the $180 billion.  My sharp mathematical prowess tells me that is still about  $180 billion  (minus a  few  Congressional junkets or Pentagon hammers, perhaps)

As an aside, don’t losing billions scare us anymore?  Soon, I predict TV anchors will be mouthing “trillion with a T”, instead of “billions with a B” .

Of Lobbyists

Well, Mr. Obama,  the real question is: Is this all a charade to give the appearance of propriety?  That lobbyists will have no influence?  Like the reform you are credited with: Only finger foods, eating standing up.   How can  an intelligent thinking person assume this is progress? Well, I hope you will be the strongest  lobbyist –  for the People.

A supporter who  wishes  you much success.

Entry for November 9, 2008

Dear Barack,
Your job is to serve the people.   It looks like our government has largely forgotten this central  mission.

Real issues  often get obscured by  “smart” people rhetoric.  Please do not let that happen to your Presidency.
I wish you well, as a supporter.