How the British Colonized India

I have started a new page on my website to discuss how the British colonized India and the relevance of that part of Indian history to today’s America.  I shall keep you informed as I add new material.

Laurel, Hardy and Elections

After she has been (finally?) cleared of those “damn emails”* by the FBI,  a likely refrain from hopeful HRC, if she should win tomorrow, might be “It’s another fine mess I have gotten into“, made famous by Laurel and Hardy.  Enjoy their election-stress reducing  shenanigan titled “Chickens Come Home”.

  • Bernie might be thinking he gave up too soon

So, finally we are back to being . . .

free and brave?



1. Two candidates who do not wish to present a clear vision for America’s future.
2. A press corps that do not adequately challenge the candidates’ statements, answers and/or political ads.
3. A confused electorate.

The affluent can steal, and gee, it is all legal. What a country!

Insurers Pay Big Markups When Doctors Dispense Drugs

Won’t you coddle me too, my darling Congress?

Thanks, Mr Buffet.

Let me first define “We”. It means one or all of the three: the middle class, the electorate that matters, the suckers. Political pundits tell us we vote our pocket books. How long will we have a pocket of our own? Read on…

Stop Coddling the Super Rich”

Who gets the credit?

Exclusive: Treasury’s TARP, AIG Bailout Costs Fall to $30 Billion

From about $700 billion to $30 billion. I would be dancing in the streets, but I am skeptical. Is this funny Washington, DC math, again? One thing is sure – our government experts do not understand national economics. But then, did they ever?

Music to my years…

Third Party Rising

Everyone aimed at security: no one accepted responsibility”.

It is time we had a choice other than Democrats and Republicans. I like to see at least 2 more national parties.
Political inbreeding has made it difficult to distinguish the 2 parties. How many situations do you know where there are only 2 choices? OK, I grant you, there are only 2 sexes- but, that is nature, but not nurture. Comments?