In America anything is possible and other such elitist myths

Wealth Matters:
Scrutinizing the Elite, Whether They Like It or Not

About 2 decades ago (reported in Science, I think), MIT wanted to improve their curriculum because it felt that its graduates were not finding their rightful places in society. It was funny, because the real lament was that too many MIT grads ended up working for Harvard grads. I wondered then, as I do now: This ain’t a curricular matter. Doesn’t the real solution lie in MIT recruiting from the top 1% elite as opposed to the run of the mill top 10%?

Here is a myth, perpetuated by the rich:
“If we lose this truly American thing — that you can become anything if you just work at it — then you’re really going to lose what makes America America. . . ”. Yeah, right: mailroom to boardroom in a week. Or even better, English-language impaired Yale student elected President of the United States – solely by the sweat of his brow. Party on, America.

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