Pharmaceutical Sciences (some articles* would also be of interest to lawyers)

Biodisposition of NanoPharmaceuticals (2013 Update)
Biodisposition of NanoPharmaceuticals(2008)
Judicial Review of Risk Assessment Science*: Many environmental statutes and ensuing regulations are based on science. It is therefore important for an environmental attorney to have a sound understanding of the scientific concepts underlying these statues and regulations. The article deals with judicial review of the science of risk assessment of toxic chemicals. It should be helpful to attorneys in better understanding the case and in deciding whether a case merits litigation based on scientific issues.
Cephalosporin Pharmacokinetics
Theophylline-Erythromycin Interaction
Aging and BBB Amino Acid Transport
Dose-Dependent Absorption of Vitamin C
Effect of Hypertension on Blood-Brain Barrier Drug Transport
FDA August 2014 Biological Products_Reference Product Exclusivity

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