Democrats “wimping”, again

In Ad Wars, Democrats Shy From Ties to Own Party

These three instant thoughts crossed my mind, when I read the “. . . Shy[ing] . . .” headline:

1. “Your greatest strength is the weakness of your convictions” (line from the TV sitcom The Golden Girls)
2. Cowards die a thousand deaths . . . (from Indian stories on Rajput bravery)
3. It is such Democratic wimping that gave us 8 years of George W. Bush and 2 wars (based on my 40+ years as an American observer)

Obama appears to have lost his “fire”. I agree he should have done more for Main Street than for Wall Street, but he is our best bet, compared to the Republicans -especially the “ideas-bankrupt-John -A.- Boehner” types who are gleefully looking for an American train wreck. Come this November, if he becomes the Speaker of the House, then we Americans would have spoken quite unwisely.
[By way of full disclosure, I am an independent (I prefer “rationalist”, but that would require a lengthy explanation) who is more sympathetic to the current Democratic administration/Congress and think that, at least, they are weakly trying/trying weakly to help the declining middle class and the growing poor.

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